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Nikki Mason

Owner & Image Consultant

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Hi! My name is Nikki Mason, the owner of OC Chic Boutique.  I find so much joy in helping people have fun and get creative with their wardrobes and addressing any personal goals or visions they may have.  For me, it's not just about updating your style or following the newest trends, it's about bringing a new life and perspective to your closet and most importantly, building self-confidence. I will find the unique beauty of each individual throughout this process. It is proven; if you feel good about your attire for the day, you feel great about yourself, and if you feel great about yourself, you can pretty much conquer the world!


The Ultimate Dream

A dream come true. Imagine… walking into your closet and your outfit for the day is hanging up ready for you, nice and pressed accompanied with the perfect shoes, accessories and all!  As a professional business woman and new Mother, I had to find ways to stay organized and prioritize my life in order to save time as everything and everyone always came first with a new baby.  On Sundays, before the hectic week began, I would create my complete wardrobe for the week for both work and casual wear so that every morning I was one step ahead.  It saved me so much time not having to try things on or having the stress of coordinating my outfit when time was of the essence!  Many of my friends and family members have been coming to me for my tips and tricks for closet and wardrobe organizing, which brings me here.  I also have an obsession with accessories, so I have partnered up with the jewelry line, Chloe and Isabel, and I am so excited to be incorporating their beautiful pieces into my passion for styling.  I love seeing the happiness, confidence and comfort it brings people while helping them choose the best ensemble is a beautiful thing.